�ON MY YOUTUBEON is the HOTTEST VIRAL HIP HOP SONG of 2015/16growing each day!”


Djai Greenleaf is really a rapper that is committed to producing music which is catchy. Djai Greenleaf just released his new single entitled �On My YouTube� featuring vocalist Anna Bella Miller. Created by childhood comrade �Hitman� of Nutty Boy Productions helps rap heads feel better about the graceful yet bass laden tune. Registering with gifts4thesmile.com was a no brainer, considering they may be a imaging product fulfillment company that ships internationally. Djai Greenleaf could benefit from the fact that his core fans would receive the best imaging gifts to fulfill the selfie taker and/or gift giver that resides throughout us. �On My YouTube� instantly allows you to included in the YouTube experience and you may instantly relate with the described antics YouTubers used to spring to internet stardom. Fans have loved the �novelty� of �On My YouTube� by Djai Green Leaf and also the anticipation for his upcoming album entitled, �M.U.A. (Money Unda Art) keeps growing every day. – Djai Greenleaf

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of �On My YouTube� is it openly touches openly YouTube material, typically gossiped at the watercooler. In fact, �On My YouTube has the potential of catching the viral wave, thinking about the 1 billion YouTube users worldwide. Connecting with YouTubers with catchy songs, like �On My Youtube� is simple, since they have their very own YouTube page to work from when adding new video content in which needs catchy vocals. This will make it simple for views to stay connected while the video is playing. The song you determine to increase the background of the YouTube video is ultra-important when trying to keep out among a billion competitors, thus Djai Greenleaf�s catchy song �On My YouTube� (from his unreleased album �M.U.A. (Money Unda Art)) will keep the dancers dancing, faces smiling, and rap heads bobbing. – Djai Greenleaf